Why you will choose us?

Communicato started as a dream project visioned by a group of enthusiastic professionals experienced in both technology and creative areas. Communicato is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Belgrade, Serbia and working worldwide.

No matter the size of your business or industry in which you operate, if you need digital support to help you reach new customers, from every corner online, Communicato is the ideal choice. Our expertise, vision, resources, and deep commitment to meet your company’s and brand’s digital marketing needs, is what makes difference in growing your business.

Content writing & Copywriting

We create unique, engaging and high quality content to tell your brand story, whether is a blog post, social media posts, white paper or web page. We can shape your copywriting project from scratch, working with you to define messages, structure content, and collaborate with our designer to bring it all to life.

Building brand

Your brand should represent your company's story, culture, purpose and experiences. We will work to create a unique image about your business by developing effective brand strategy, visual identity, name, brand messaging, web presence and creating your entire brand story. And while doing so, we will always stay true to your vision and values, because we know your brand is who you are.

Content management

Web content management is a key ingredient to your business success in social and mobile world. Our services include website development, user support, content strategy, blog, image, e-news and periodical website statistic reviews. We will provide full support to every aspect of your web content to fit your business needs and deliver meaningfull information to your customers, partners and internal operations.


How do you make your content actually stand out and succeed? By being truly, massively relevant. We will will make it a reality, it’s what we do. We’ll work together to determine what your customers really want, where you’re exceeding those expectations, and where you may be falling short.

Social Media Management

From community management to analysis and reporting, we offer full service social media management. Transform your social media presence with high-quality content, daily activity, and increasing followers. We will help your business build a professional presence on the largest media market that has ever existed.


We can make you not only look great, but stand out. We will work to understand your business inside and out, and then translate that comprehension into informative, striking materials, to establish your identity, focus your message, and solidify your brand within the market.